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President Message
Praise be to Allah the Lord of the worlds and may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon the most honored of messengers our master Muhammad and upon all his family and companion.
Aitihad Albilad Group has adopted the new vision aimed at leadership in the fields of Contracting, Trading and Financial Development  in the local and regional markets, so that Aitihad Albilad Group will continue with its various companies, faithful to its obligations towards its partners and society, and an important tributary in supporting the development of our beloved country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and as a national partner working to achieve its ambitious vision 2030. I am pleased with all appreciation to welcome you to the website of Aitihad Albilad Holding Group, which presents many success stations, which have been achieved. Thanks to God Almighty and then to the efforts of our working cadres to achieve our national and social commitments towards our country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, God willing.
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