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Meet The Group

It's not about establishing Companies, it's about growing them and expanding the Group's Vision.

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Over 4 successful years, SST had the honor of hosting over 200 training courses per year and graduating a large number of professional Engineers, Managers, and supervisors in different fields and specialties each year providing an excellent training services and plans, using strategic and well-studied steps of an elite national experts and consultants, SST® have extended its base of training to cover a much wider market in the fields of Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Operation, resources, Human resources development, Personal relations & development, Finance, Management, Health & Safety , Security and more. 

Since its establishment in 2010, Nokhbat Al Maydan Industrial Company has been providing comprehensive solutions and services to its customers throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With its well-established experience, the company has been able to expand from its very beginning in the construction of buildings until it became a multi-business company, with activities ranging from investment to huge departments specialized in factories, construction, interior design and contracting.

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Aitihad Real Estate Company was founded in late 20016 with the objective of developing distinguished communities with unique lifestyle, offering both, clients and Investors, a real opportunity to live and invest in style. We deliver value to clients at all stages of Their Real Estate Development experience by providing the best locations, design, build-quality, prices and Value-Added-Services, while, at the same time, satisfying employee needs, achieving shareholder requirements and improving communities.

We base our business on basic principles (Think, Plan, Grow) to fully engage with clients. ISHOW's mission is to shape your ideas and turn them into products. We walk side by side towards growth and success, with a creative marketing team and creative designers. ISHOW is focused on successfully growing your business through our strategic, digital and other premium services.

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STS is an integrated financial and business consulting company, with 10 years of in-depth financial, business and management 
experience with extensive knowledge of GCC economies and international complex business exposure. We at STS are always committed to finding the tailored financial and business consulting solutions that will assist in executing our client’s strategies and implementation of in-house financial and management initiatives. We pursue a state-of-the-art methodology that helps to restructure, develop and regulate client’s financial and management system to accomplish strategic objectives.

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Aitihad Contracting is one of the Medium sized companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of contracting and construction.
A company privately owned and headquartered in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The company has its roots in the Saudi market with experience of more than 13 years.
Our mission is to implement any project at any place under any circumstances, safely and exceed the quality expectations of our customers with the preservation of the environment in which we work on, we aim to be reliable and capable of implementing projects accurately and in record times at the highest level of quality according to the latest international standards.

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Aitihad trading company is a Saudi private company that began its business in 2014 as an individual institution owned by Sheikh Sultan. This institution then developed and turned into an investment company under Aitihad Trading Co. Ltd. and then the company’s business has expanded its activities in its head office in Riyadh and opened three branches in the cities of Jeddah and Al Khobar to cover the western and eastern and southern regions of Saudi Arabia

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