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Why partner with us?

We understand the unique challenges of building a successful business in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region . Besides contributing capital, we bring to leverage the unique business networks and industry relationships that we have established over the years. Our portfolio businesses also benefit from the reputation and brand equity of the investor names, thus making it easier for the businesses to forge new relationships with vendors and attract high quality employees. We also encourage our investee businesses to collaborate and set-up a mutually reinforcing ecosystem by sharing resources and best practices.

Occupational safety, health, environment & quality

The Company in lines

  • The quality of implementation and performance of work according to the required standards.
  • Maintaining the safety and health of employees and those related to the activity.
  • Preserving the work environment surrounding its various elements and preventing pollution while preserving resources.
  • The appropriate profitability to remain in the invested sectors market.

The concept of Union Albilad Investment Holding Company for excellence and superiority is built on the basis that the design, development, control, management, provision of services and implementation of works are carried out in accordance with the required quality standards while ensuring the work environment and the surrounding environment and maintaining the safety and health of workers to achieve complete satisfaction of internal and external customers and all designated entities.

We provide the company’s employees with the training opportunities required to raise their efficiency, as well as the necessary capabilities for continuous improvement of the quality of business implementation and services, with our commitment to all laws and legislations regulating our investment sectors, occupational safety, health and the environment, as well as the company’s internal regulations and regulations. This policy is reviewed periodically in order to ensure its continuity and suitability.

Conference Room


Aitihad Albilad Investment Holding Group has a riveted belief in the importance of training, As well as the importance of scientific research and development, These elements are the cornerstone of the company to enhance its competitiveness and continuity of survival. After a recommendation from the Technical Systems Company for Financial and Administrative Consultations when assigned to discuss the development of management in the Aitihad Al-Bilad Investment Holding Group, we were able to establish the Scientific Systems for Training Company.
To reach the highest levels of development and stability, especially in the areas of marketing, corporate management, institutional planning, information systems, as well as professional training. The technical support provided by the programs provided by the competent authorities as well as other specialized institutes is also benefited from. The Institute's activities extend to include serving other companies and individuals in specialized vocational training.

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